Unnecessary (Continued)'s

When using the “Stage Play (US)” template, after compiling, I get lots of unnecessary (Continued)'s at the top of pages.

Like when a character stops speaking at the bottom of one page, there’s often a “CHARACTER (Continued)” at the top of the next page, followed immediately by my next character to speak’s name.

Am I doing something wrong? I don’t see how to get rid of this extraneous stuff.

I’ve attached a sample. CHRIS stops speaking up top, but Scrivener inserts a “CHRIS (Continued)” before LORALIE speaks on the next page.


What version of Scrivener do you have? And what format are you compiling to? There’s a known bug related to widow and orphan control in PDF output that might be responsible.


Version 3.1.2 (10882). And I’m using the US Stage Play format.

But what format are you compiling to? Word? PDF? Final Draft? Something else?


Sorry, PDF.

That looks as though it could be a bug in the more/cont’d code. Could you please either attach a sample project showing the issue to your reply, or zip up the affected project or a sample and send it to mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com, marking it for my attention and including a link to this thread? That way I should be able to reproduce the issue and see what is going on.

Thanks and all the best,

Will do.

I just emailed you a sample file.

Here’s a fix that Keith passed me:

He tells me a bug fix should be out soon. But, for now, the solution above works for me.