Unreadable content in DOCX, Scrivener Mac 3.2.2

Using Scrivener 3.2.2 for Mac. Whenever I export my project to DOCX, I receive the following error message in MS Word (16.48):

Among other things, an inline image and a page break disappear.

I faced something like this quite a while ago with an earlier version of Scrivener.

In my case I had inserted rich text I had copied from a web page and that text contained some invisible content that caused the problem.

Did you do something like that recently?

Wether or not: Did you compile earlier versions of your project to .docx without an error message? If so, do you remember, at least roughly, what you had added afterwards? Then you could exclude binder documents added later one by one in Compile to find the document that causes the problem.

If you had managed to pinpoint it move or duplicate it to the Research folder to keep it as it is. Then create a new one at its location in the Binder and copy the content of the trouble document as plain text (!) into the new document. Try to compile.

If all that is too cumbersome you could open the compiled .docx with Pages or LibreOffice to see if it handles it better than Word. And if one of them does you could save it again as .docx and re-open it with Word. Sometimes this works. Just as a workaround of course and not as a permanent solution.

Try compiling to RTF—Scrivener’s default format—and open that in Word. If that works, you need to work out what Word is referring to by .

Just a thought: have you entered a Scrivener link somewhere to an internal document that is set not to compile, or has a different section type from the others and no format assigned?



Problem solved: I exported it as an RTF, and MS Word opened it without problem. No unreadable content, and the image was right were it was supposed to be. Thanks for your help!

Glad it’s solved. Although compiling to DOCX has much improved, in my opinion, since KB wrote his own converter, I’ve always found compiling to RTF if possible is much more reliable and quicker.



When you encounter problems like this, sending us a sample project helps us improve the DOCX converter.