Unrecognized license info

I bought Scrivener a few years ago after the trial- still have the email confirmation from that purchase. Since then my Mac laptop has been wiped and then the files were put back on (after being saved on external hard drive). I tried opening Scrivener and the top tool bar appeared but that’s it- nothing opened.
I deleted it and re downloaded, but when asked for my serial name and serial number It keeps saying"invalid". I’m using the exact info from my confirmation email, why is this happening??

I bought Scrivener for Windows and installed it on my laptop in October 2014. I recently bought a new Windows operated device (Lenovo MIIX 700 tablet/computer) and tried to install Scrivener on it using the Serial Number I received with my original purchase. However, a popup window appeared with a message stating that the serial number I entered was unknown. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled, hoping that I would get the opportunity to enter the serial number again, in case I had entered it incorrectly before. However, I again got the ‘unknown serial number’ message. What can I do now?

Rmski and Viviane, welcome to Scrivener and the forum. This page should help you (including, if nothing else works, the very last line at the foot of the page).