Unselectable Floating Images

I have a recurring problem with inserting images into Scrivener documents. I will paste an image (copy/paste) and it will work in the document for several days. At some point, the images seems to lose their position and “float” over the top of the text. See attached image.

I am unable to select the image and drag it around. All I can do is select the text, delete it, do a plain text paste and then re-insert the image again.

I’ve had this happening for more than a year, its consistent and shows the same symptoms every time.

Has anyone else had this problem ? Any hints on how to fix ? If not I will raise a case with tech support.

This looks like the line-height settings for the line the image is on are incorrect, using a strict height setting rather than their default “1.0”, or 100% of content height, as Scrivener sets the line to when inserting an image. This effect can even be duplicated with plain old text when the font size mismatches the line-height settings:

Try putting your cursor on the same line as the image (the bottom edge of the image), then use the Format/Text/Line and Paragraph Spacing… menu command (or select “Other…” from the line-height drop-down on the Format Bar). Does this line have a setting like “Line height ‘exactly’: 18pts”? The “at most” checkbox will also do it. If you see something like that, try setting all of the options to 0.0 except for the one at the top, set that to “1.0”—or the natural height of the image: 100%.

As for how it happens I couldn’t say for sure. For a bit be wary about selecting large amounts of text and forcing paragraph settings with presets, etc. That’s a valid setting with legitimate uses (avoiding leading chaos when using super/subscripting for example), but it does need to be surgically applied in most cases. You might have it saved into a “normal” preset you made a while back for instance.

Thanks for this. The fix works but I’m disappointed I can’t use paragraph spacing, now I have to add carriage returns between paragraphs.

sigh. At least I can continue writing.

The setting that forces line-height to a static value regardless of the height of content within a line does not have any bearing on the settings used to generate padding between paragraphs. “Line” in this sense refers to the soft-wrapped visual lines of text in the editor within a paragraph, or the leading of these lines, rather than a line in the more technical sense, where a paragraph is indeed one very long line that is word-wrapped in most text editors.

The paragraph padding settings are at the bottom of that panel I mentioned.