unsorting collections in outline view

If I sort a collection, by, say, creation date, how do I get it back to the original order? I know it can be done, I’ve done it myself, I just don’t know what I did. One minute it won’t change for the life of me, the next it’s returned to the original order. What do I need to know?

Just click on the column header again. Click once = sort ascending, click again = sort descending, click again = no sort.

Oh. It was the tricky third click that confused me. Thanks.

Thanks for posting. Yes. Tricky 3rd sort is what i was missing… I was looking for something that said "Binder Sort. Just FYI that someone else didn’t find this intuitive—maybe add to FAQ? I did look there. Still amazed by what’s possible w/ 2.0…sometimes I have to remember to write instead of organize!

The FAQ is a wiki, by the way. :slight_smile: If something is missing and you feel it deserves a topic, by all means write one up.

By the way, I put a disclaimer on the main page of it, but at the moment most if not all of the FAQ is out of date. It’s on my list of things to do, but right now getting the actual documentation in tip-top shape is my main priority.