Unusable workspace (frozen screen)

Downloaded trial version - I have more than enough mem, space and graphics power… When I open Scriv, that’s all I can do. I can not click on anything to start anything. I opened Scriv once, and it leaves me where I left off, on a corkboard section. It was the first thing I clicked on and now I can’t do anything else. I did just try and right click on the screen and am able to create another index card, but that’s where it ends. I want to explore the research panels, add notes, inspector and just start writing, but everything seems to be ‘locked out’ or inaccessible… What am I missing?

Are you using a tablet or other sort of specialised pointer device? If so, try switching to a standard mouse or built-in trackpad. Wacom tablets often don’t work well with Scrivener, at least straight out of the box. You may be able to adjust the preference and get it working, for instance by switching from “mouse mode” to “pen mode”.

Yes… and thank you very much… I just figured that out as well and switched to an old fashioned mouse and it works… just as I came back here to post my discovery and found your kind reply. Hopefully, they may be able to resolve that issue one day as I do prefer the tablet and pen, but a mouse is just as fine. Again, my thanks…!