Unusually small font at 100% zoom

Hi, I just noticed that the text (Courier New, 12 points) in Scrivener seems unusually small at 100% zoom. Normally, it is rather smaller than I’d like and I write at 130-145% zoom, but not that small. I noticed it because today I had to increase to 170% zoom to make it legible. Namely, I don’t think that the menu font of Scrivener, which I guess is around 9, 10, or no more than 11 points, should be about the equal size of Courier New 12. Or do I need glasses? :mrgreen:

Maybe something has changed since some of the latest Windows 10 updates? Does anyone know why is that happening and where I can change things so I don’t play around with the zoom levels?

The monitor is at resolution 1920 by 1080 and have it in years. I haven’t changed anything in Settings. Here’s some screenshots. The first one shows what I saw today. The second one is after I fiddled a little in Windows 10 Settings -> Ease of Access (notice the menu font size), just to check if there are some scaling changes. Nothing too dramatic though, because I am not sure where’s the problem.

Windows 10 Ease of Access Make Text Bigger at 100%:

Windows 10 Ease of Access Make Text Bigger at 225%:

If you had copied the text from other app or internet Scrivener, sometimes, keeps the old formatting. What I would do is I would Paste and Match Style which is usually Ctrl+Shift+V in a new document and check if that solves the problem.

Thank you for the reply. I actually did that, Paste and Match Style, for the purpose of my previous screenshots. Both texts were copied from Wikipedia, and are matching a custom preset I have defined for myself in Scrivener a long time ago using Format->Formatting->New Preset From Selection.

I presume that this might be the case, i.e. that I’ve somehow managed to save in my custom preset some invisible style (from a web page?).

I tried re-saving my custom preset by redefining it with “Include font” and “Include font size” ticked off. But the result is the same.

Then I created a new Fiction project (Short Story) from the predefined Scrivener projects, which uses Arial, and made a side-by-side comparison with Word, pictured below.

I am thinking of doing a clean reinstall of Scrivener because I tried a couple of times Scrivener 3, but I doubt it the two are related.

Windows 10’s Settings is a headache to figure out, as they are constantly changing and moving things around, and on top of that, my Windows install hasn’t been touched in three years AND it’s an upgrade from Windows 7. I don’t have the heart to even go there right now :smiley:

Any other suggestion would be highly appreciated.

The 12pt font at 100% zoom in the 1.9 Scrivener had always been smaller than the same size font in Word. If you want the same size you should set your zoom to 135%

The beta treats the fonts the same way as Word. So a 100% zoom gives you the same size text in both programs.

I don’t remember why that is but I think have read a post somewhere here in the forum that explains it. If you want more info.

Thank you! That explains it.