Unwanted change of font in all styles in for Windows

I’ve been away from Scriv on Windows for a couple of months or so since I went on the dark side and acquired a MacBook and installed the latest Scriv on it.

I became aware that I kept getting prompts for the next word on the MacBook (AI assistance - but I didn’t install anything connected with AI ?) and I didn’t remember that happening under Windows so I booted up W10 to check.

My projects are on Dropbox and I take care never to have a project open in two devices at the same time.

To my surprise, the text in my latest project was almost unreadable. Everything was in a font that I had never heard of let alone used, HelveticaNeueLT Std Bold, 75 Bold Outline. Yes, all was in outline.

I had been using Times New Roman in the MacBook and that is present on the W10 machine so it doesn’t look like an attempt at substitution for a missing font.

I tried to find a way to change everything back to Times New Roman at one go but had to reformat a sample paragraph of every style and then go via Format > Style > ‘Redefine style from selection’ for each one involved, including some styles I never use.

So I have 2 questions here:

  1. Did I miss a trick that would have switched the fonts in all the styles at once?
  2. Why did everything switch to that weird font in the first place? Could it have been an import from the upgrade to which I believe I only did at around the same time as I acquired the MacBook?

In Windows, did you use various Styles in the first place, or did No Style (normal or the default style) apply throughout your project?
You mentioned upgrading to Windows Did you open your project in S3 for Windows after the app upgrade. If your overall formatting was as it should be at that stage, then your current dilemma shouldn’t have anything to do with the upgrade, but an unknown factor between accessing your project between your Mac and Windows machines, via a common source stored on Dropbox.
See if your Editor’s default formatting has been set in both environments.

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In Scrivener, I always use a variety of styles. The main ones in any project are ‘text body’, headings 1 and 2.

I upgraded the Windows Scrivener to shortly after shifting main ops to the MacBook and, sadly, I don’t recall if I checked that project immediately after doing so. Since then, almost all my work has been on the MacBook or on my Linux box (using LibreOffice) and the W10 box has mostly been sidelined. I only went back into W10 to check whether Scrivener offered word predictions there because they were starting to bug me in Mac Scriv3. (It doesn’t)

I’ve used Dropbox for file sharing between various machines for many years now and never had spurious font changes or any other change introduced due to that.
My Scrivener Editor’s default is set to Times Roman on Windows but unless I missed something, this only applies to the creation of new documents. It’s the same in the MacBook.

The reason I wondered if the upgrade maybe had something to do with it is that on upgrades of other software, I’ve occasionally discovered default settings to languages I never use and I’ve put that down to crud left behind by devs.

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