Unwanted Dedication page when compiling in ePub

How can I prevent Scrivener adding a Dedication page to the front of my novel when compiling for ePub? I’ve placed my own Dedication page at the back of the book.

The File -> Compile -> Contents pane will show you all the documents included in your output. Uncheck the ones you don’t want.

You can also locate the spurious dedication page in the Binder and delete it entirely.


Katherine–Thanks for the quick reply. I should have explained further. I DON’T have a Dedication page in the front, only in the back. This unwanted page is not in the Binder. That is what is mystifying.
The unwanted Dedication page shows Dedication at the top with the rest of the page blank. The Dedication title is active in that when I click on it, it takes me to my own Dedication page at the back. This unwanted page is not included in my ToC, but my Dedication page is.
I’ve included a screenshot of the Binder and ToC.

Do you have a folder with frontmatter, which is included in the compile?

Lunk–Brilliant suggestion! There was a Front Matter folder beneath the contents, but it was unchecked and there was no Dedication in the E-book section. But as a test, I moved it into Research and recompiled. The unwanted Dedication page has gone!
Thanks so much.

You select front matter folder in the opening contents pane in the compile dialog. At least I think that’s where it is. You can have different folders for different output formats.

Yes, but I didn’t use Front Matter. Instead, I created my own pages and compiled As is. You can see this in my Screenshot. So it’s a mystery to me why an unchecked FM folder should have had any influence on the checked Contents.

Even if you didn’t actively choose a Front matter document, some of the presets and templates have that preset.