Unwanted duplication of Binder novel chapter heading info in Editor

I am writing a conventional novel with headings Book I, Book II, and Book III–and chapters with titles under each book. When I set this up in the Binder, it shows in the Editor as Book I: BookI, Book II: Book II, etc. How do I prevent this unwanted duplication?

That’s how the header bar of the editor behaves in Scrivening view.

Parent file : currently active file

So in your case it means that Book one is the file of which the content (child files) is displayed, while Book one is also which of which’s the inspector is currently displaying side content (metadata, notes, whatever the panel you’ve got showing.)


If you only want one file to display at a time, simply toggle off Scrivening view.

Really useful answer. I can see that this can solve my problem, but I need to take more time to play with it.

Many thanks!

If you’re talking purely about the header bar read-out, it will probably also make more sense once you have some stuff underneath the parts to work with. Sure right now it says “Book II: Book II”, but when it says, “Book II: Chapter 18”, then it is a lot more handy! And of course if you break down your chapters you might click on them as folders, and see “Chapter 18: scene 23 - where Robby eats all of the cake in one sitting”.

Thanks! Now I need to work with this.