Unwanted multiple selection forced; can't display single document.

I have my left editor set up with the Outliner, and have Navigate > Outliner selection affects > Other editor option turned on—the way I normally ran in Scrivener 2. This morning I

  1. Started Scrivener 3. Result: my current project opened, and a file was updated from iOS.
  2. I clicked on the updated file in the Collection. Result: it opened in my left editor as an outline.
  3. I clicked on the sole file showing in the outline. Expected result: the single file (which has no subdocuments) displayed in the right editor

In fact, what was displayed in the right editor was the scrivening of that file and every following file in the current compile group. Not expected. I tried clicking on the right editor to activate it, then clicking the scrivenings button in the tool bar to display a single file, but the scrivenings button did not respond. (see attached screenshot.)

This happened to me last night as well with a completely different set of files displayed in the left editor, but I was too tired to track it down as somehow I managed to break loose from this and it didn’t happen again. If I figure out how I broke out of it before by breaking out this time, I’ll post further details.

Nothing has changed in this regard and I cannot reproduce the issue, so please post reproductions steps and I’ll take a look.

Given the weirdness, it may also be worth backing up your layout from the Window menu and then using the Option key on the File menu to “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings”.

Hence backing up your settings to a layout. :smiley: But its brutality is what makes it good for getting rid of weird UI gremlins in the plist file that stores them.

Of course, it stopped doing it just as soon as the mechanic stopped by to take a look. :smiley: FWIW, the cure (once it happens) is to click on the toggle split icon in the left editor, then click it again. Voila! A well-behaved right editor.

I’ll keep an eye on it and if I can get consistent reproduction I’ll post again. Meanwhile, I’ll take your suggestion, Ioa.