Unwanted random chapter duplicate

One of my chapters has duplicated without anything done on my part that I’m aware of. There is now a chapter “Regulation” with 2447 words, and another labeled “Regulation-1” with 5456 words.

“Regulation-1” appears to be the continuation of “Regulation” so I don’t think I lost any content. I’ve just copied the missing text from “Regulation-1” to “Regulation” and moved “Regulation-1” to the trash.

Does anyone have any idea how this could have happened? If I’ve fat-fingered my keyboard to create this, I definitely want to avoid that again. If it’s a bug, I’d like to notify Scrivener.

Note, my entire document is on iCloud, with no synching to a local drive. Thank you.

By your own report, the second doc is not a duplicate at all. Rather the first doc is now somewhat shorter and the second doc contains the remainder (continuation) of the content.

You undoubtedly accidentally Split the document. Probably by mistakenly hitting command-K. The contents of the documents and the titling of the second doc both agree with this hypothesis.

You should make friends with the Split command (and its cousin, Split with Title From Selection). Super handy.

Yeah, it sounds like an accidental split to me as well. Both full duplication and splitting use the same naming scheme of “Original Name-n”, where n is an automatically incremented number starting at 1. The two commands are very similar, the main differences being that duplication copies everything, while splitting leaves snapshots in the original, and of course cuts the text into two at the cursor point.

The default keyboard shortcuts are: ⌘D and ⌥⌘K for duplicate and split, respectively. Normally it’s not a big deal if you accidentally split, as you can just select the two and use Documents ▸ Merge to glue them back together. You might at most need to find the place where you split and remove an empty line in the editor. But copy and paste and then trashing the split copy works as well.

So maybe you went to add a link at some point and accidentally held down option as well? The link shortcut is ⌘K.

Thanks, guys, the command-K does seem to be the culprit. Although I don’t know or use any shortcuts native to Scrivener, my fat fingers wander…