Upated to Version 3 - Manuscript lost?

Finally figured up that my software ‘Update’ function from Scrivener didn’t actually update me to newer versions. So I downloaded and ran Version 3.1 for windows. Problem is my 55K manuscript is nowhere to be found. Suggestions? I’m on Windows 11. TIA

Hi Blueskysun. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Can you please define “nowhere” ?
Upgrading to V3 couldn’t in any way have deleted projects from your computer… (More even since it is not a real upgrade; V1 and V3 are like two different apps.)
But of course that new version of Scrivener won’t be aware that you even already have a project in existence.
So, no recent projects list yet.
You’ll have to manually navigate to your project at least for the first time you’ll load it.

Either use File / Open and go to the .scrivx file inside the .scriv folder, or use Windows’ file explorer, double-click (or right-click, “open with”, if you still have V1 installed and double-click doesn’t work).
Scrivener will then automatically backup your project in the V1 format, then open your project.
After which it’ll show in the recent projects list (File / Recent projects).

Note that you might prefer to “import” your project rather than simply “update it” to V3.
Here is the documentation on how to transit from V1 to V3:

REALLY appreciate your fast response. I opened the Guide - and learned enough (so Far) to open Scriv 1 - Manuscript is intact - downloaded a Zip-file version for safe keeping (made 2 copies).
Now studying the Guide - I’m guessing I’ll be able to open the manuscript file in Scriv 3 (I understand that copy of zip will NOT be able to open in Sciv 1 after opening in Scriv 3 - but I’m thinking my ‘unused’ EXTRA copy of Zip file will still open in scriv 1).
ANYWAY - the manuscript is not lost AND in the new version Compiling sounds easier (and that WAS a big problem for me in Scriv 1 .
THANKS Again Vincent!
PS - I’m going to finish reviewing the material BEFORE uploading manuscript - hopefully smooth sailing.

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That’s right. (If I understand what you meant right – it depends when those zipped copies were generated (or which Scrivener version from).)
But as I said, whenever you try (or want to – mistake or not) to open a V1 project in V3, Scrivener first makes a backup copy of the original project. So, in other words, you end up with a version now compatible with V3, and one (name modified accordingly by Scrivener itself) that is still in the V1 format.