[update] Project targets borked?

While the update went smoothly for me overall, it seems to have borked the “Project Targets” feature, which is not registering a lot of the files in the manuscript, whether they are marked for “include in compile” or not. It was working fine on all projects prior to the update, which I know as it is a feature I reference a lot. Both the “Manuscript Target” and the “Session Target” are giving very wonky results. In the “Session Target”, in fact, it is showing negative numbers.

Example of Manuscript Target issue: there is over 30k words in the collected files as of last time I checked, but now it is only showing that there are 1,087.

Example of Session Target issue: It seems to be showing the whole word count(?) in the negative, that is, “-30,037 of 500 words”.

I’m having the same issue since the update.

My draft target is now short of 4688 words.
My session target has -4688 words which I can’t get to zero out

I tried pasting 5000 words into the MS. Then resetting the session target once it had climbed past 0. Then I hit the reset button but it went back to -4688 words.

ETA: Going through my individual scenes I’ve found two separate scenes which although they show 11k and 14k characters respectively, each only shows a count of 1 word. These two scenes make up the -4688 word count issue.

I thought it cleared up but now it’s doing it again – this time giving me negative starting “session targets”, that is, instead of starting a session target at zero it is starting it at -716. I’m pretty sure the manuscript target has gone off again, as I wrote 500 words yesterday but the total word count went DOWN by -23. ???

Any idea what is going on? Or when it will be fixed?

I doubt they gonna fix it in 1.9… What I really hope is, that they would make the targets work in v3.

Dear Writing Friends,

I just updated to Scrivener 3.0.3 and keep having problems with the Project Targets.

Here Scrivener shows me 2,404 words in the whole project (yes, I know, quite at the beginning):


while the Progress Window insists on just 455 words counting towards my overall goal:


I have been trying quite everything to get this fixed, with no success.


Freddy, since you’re using the beta version (Windows v. 3.x), it might be most useful to post this in the beta testing forum. There seems to be a thread there on this topic, though it is a couple of months old.

It looks like, to me, Freddy is using Mac.

Yes I do. I’m running Scrivener 3.0.3 for Mac under macOS 10.12.6.

I just contributed to this topic in the Windows forum so I wouldn’t need starting another one.

That’s not really how it works around here. You should post in the appropriate forum, even if that means starting a new topic, as what seems like the same problem could actually have two totally different causes between the two sets of code.

Thanks for letting me know! I will procede as recommended.

Exactly what i was opting to say.