Update character sheets from template

Hi, I have used the built-in novel template for a novel project that I have migrated to Scrivener in order to get a better overview of the project. Doing so, I took advantage of the template for character sheets to create cards for a bunch of characters in the novel. Now I have realized that I should have added certain headings to the template before I filled my character sheets with information. For my current project, it would for instance be useful to have the heading “abilities” on the character sheets. Is there a smart way to update the individual character sheets that I already have created retroactively from the template, or do I have to redo them / edit every single card?

kind regards from someone who’s new to the program

Hi Johan,

Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

No, as you suspected, the templates are just ‘starter’ documents. There is no way to make a change to the template doc and have it auto-magically propagate to its progeny. You’ll have to do the additions by hand.

Of course, if you keep your template documents up to date with these changes, than the additions will be available for any new documents you create.


Hi Jim and thanks for your reply! Back to work it is, then!

best, johan

There should really be a feature in scrivener that allows you to apply changes from the template to all of its children. I could easily write a program that does this for myself but it would be nice to have it built in because I have the same exact issue and I would like to use my limited time to write as efficiently as possible.