Update Collection from Index Card overwrites source file

Scrivener 2.0.2

An Index Card file (.indexcard) can contain a synopsis element (front of card), title element (name of card), and notes element (back of card). If the synchronization option to “Update Collection from Index Card File” is chosen the notes elements in the original .indexcard file are deleted from that file. (The content of those elements are not imported, either; only the title and synopsis elements are imported.)

I would expect that moving data from the index card file to the collection would not alter the source file.

Sorry Im not replying to help, but just curious about this “Notes” element of an Index Card. I cant see it anywhere…even before Updating a Collection:)

In Index Card on the iPad the Notes are on the back of the card (flip over the card).

Hmm… That’s a good point. The .indexcard file format doesn’t currently support notes, so Scrivener has now way of grabbing them. That’s something I’ll need to take up with Dennis, the Index Card creator.


Well, respectfully, the .indexcard format does support notes (key: notes, string: note content). The notes from the back of the card are in the .indexcard xml when it is exported from Index Card. When Scrivener syncs that file it erases that data from the .indexcard file. At minimum, Scrivener shouldn’t do that, either on an import or an export. And ideally Scrivener would import/export the notes.

This is not a Scrivener issue. Index Card is not meant to include notes in export. They are not present in RTF. I see that they are showing up in the .indexcard file export, but it is not meant to. This is an error on my part.

Notes was created as a separate field, specifically for users who wanted to store text related to a card that they did not want to share outside the app.

Sorry for any inconvenience.