Update coming?

We’re all going to have to add that to our films-to-watch lists.

Hmm. It doesn’t seem to exist; expect the Nisse (gremlins) got it.

You’ll be happy to know however that i chivvied you about your new locale in this piece also, which doesn’t exist.

Iceland is a great place in the dark of the year; hope you found it so. Spain, a country I think you could spend whole lives in for its varieties in regions, each its own customs and flavors, all with mountains and great distances between. You can really understand Don Quixote if you travel there some.

Anyway, I hope much enjoyment to you, Ioa.


Iceland was beautiful in the sort of way I care for. Dense fog whipped around mostly unseen mountains, the smell of the sea in your hair and a landscape that almost looks like you might imagine Martian to be after a century of terraforming, all around a little cabin on a coastal cliff in the formidable shadow of old Snæfellsjökull.

We got lucky with some really cheap tickets, they seem to be pushing tourism, so as a port of entry into the EU, it’s not a bad choice on the wallet or the senses.

At any rate, I’m humbled to make Compostela my home for a little while. So if any of you manage to find yourself here with sore ankles and in want of ale or tea and some yak about novels, let me know. :slight_smile:

Oh, and Yes to anything Buñuel!

Scrivener has been amazing to work with–both on the desktop and now IOS. I had a wickedly minor question: is there any chance you will update the Scrivener iOS icon to reflect the updated “S” found in the documentation? The refined look would fit perfectly in the IOS icon ecosystem.

Thanks for reading!

I’m sure you will enjoy living there. It’s been a very interesting place with the magnificent cathedral and a lot of other sights and parks to visit. After 5 week on the trail it was a bit of a sensual overflow to me, buzzing with peregrinos and tourigrinos from all over the world. Nevertheless a great source of inspiration, given the history of it.

As we have so many camino-interested users of Scrivener here, it should not take too long until the first camino book written in Scrivener is out… :smiley: