Update coming?

I haven’t seen anything new on the update thread for a month or more, and just wondered if one is on the way? (If I’ve missed an announcement, I apologize.)

The only reason I ask is for the reported fix to the bug where words join together when the first character of the previous word is deleted. It’s far, far from a dealbreaker for me, but it does tend to drive me a little crazy, especially now when I’m in major re-writing mode and am doing a LOT of backspacing!

I have become very dependent on Scriv for iOS; it has fully justified my purchase of a iPad Air 2, and except for the bug above, it’s the best piece of iOS software I use. I also have some idea of how difficult it is to create and maintain such a gem and don’t want to seem like an ingrateful, pushy customer. It’s just that I want this bug fixed, and I want it now! :laughing:


Given the fact that we haven`t heard anything from Keith since the end of november (at least no new post to the whole forums) one would assume, that he is heavily finalizing both, Mac 3.0 and the upcoming iOS update. Well and nailing down the documentation.

Yes, it` a hard time waiting for the updates as new and fancy is always highly anticipated.

Though a little sign from Keith or the Team would help a lot for some, as Ulysses already has their latest updates out for iOS and Mac (with touchbar support). For this, some may wonder, why there is no current word from Scrivener to at least let them users and user to be know, that the updates are about to be released in which timeframe ever. On the other hand though: a product is ready when it`s ready.

Yes, my sincere apologies about this. I’ve had a new iOS update ready to roll out for a while now, but we’ve been understaffed with various people away over the last three weeks or so, and I didn’t want to release the new update while my main support bods were out. They’re back now, so I’ll get the new update out very soon (hopefully this week, if not, next).

I have indeed been working hard on macOS 3.0, but I’ve also been working hard on some things that need doing for the iOS version that many users won’t even notice. Dropbox has changed their backend API, replacing API 1 with API 2, and API 1 (which Scrivener for iOS uses) has been deprecated and will stop working as of next July. So I had to spend over a month rewriting all of Scrivener for iOS’s sync code to use API 2 (there are no changes on the front end, since the APIs work the same, they just use completely different code…). I’ve also been going through Scrivener for macOS’s 4,500 and iOS’s 1,500 snippets of text preparing them for translation, and writing some internal translation tools, so that we can ensure 3.0 is translated into other languages (and translated better than the 2.x) from the off, and that our iOS version is translated in early 2017.

As for Mac touch bar support, I finally have a Mac in the house with a touch bar, so we are now thinking about how to best support it (for 3.0).

All the best,

Okay. You’re on Santa’s nice list.

Working as a freelance translator for the last 14 years with lots of experience in IT and software translation, I would like to offer my help if you need an additional resource for translating the Mac and iOS version into German.
Would love to work with you guys on this.


That sounds like quite some work to be done. But sure, the translation has to be done properly. How about the documentation/tutorial? Any plans for an upcoming translation of those? Just asking, as i have no idea about your Userbase in different countries. I only noticed, that the German version of Scrivener is held in mixed English/German. Like in the menu or the preferences, which may give Scrivener a “half-baked” look to some potential byers. Plus this fact stops Scrivener from unleashing its full power for some users.

Let me know if you need any help with the translation. And don`t worry, my German (native) is way better than my written English :mrgreen:

Great to hear, Keith.

  • the 3.0 work should no doubt make things all the more fun for the inveterate Windows team – if i am looking forward very much to their results: which could at need forgo the translations at first, would think…

  • further on translations, have you considered a community approach? That’s very often done these days, and seems to work out very well, especially given the variety of languages in visibility present days. As well, with Scrivener’s clientele, you’ve certainly/probably :wink: got a very literate crew – plus a clear amount of programming types…

Anyway, best fortune, and appreciation for all the good, not to say extremely useful and used, work…

Kind regards,

p.s. I’d actually PMed up Ioa last night, wondering from silences if you’d taken the whole support crew off on a tropical retreat or something…!

Oh? It doesn’t look like I’ve received it for some reason. Well, if you compare my location tag with what it was a fortnight ago, that might explain the period of silence from my end at any rate. :wink:

Thanks for the update, Keith. I suppose vacations are an acceptable reason for delay… :smiley:

Did you walk? Hope you enjoyed your way then as much as I did earlier this year… :slight_smile:
Buen camino

Through the long dark of Iceland I did! :laughing:

Let’s hope the update gets approved before the App Review Holiday break: developer.apple.com/news/?id=11292016a

But not the actual Compostela? Actually “el comino” but it’s been too long since I’ve last thought about it for me to get it right…

My wife and I are working to walk the Camino in the next 2-3 years. We have a couple of folks (including our new interim priest) at our church who have walked it within the last few years.

The first week we started going to this church, I first heard about El Camino, discovered (and watched) the excellent Emilio Estevez/Martin Sheen movie about the Camino (“The Way”), and then at our first church service it was announced one of the ladies had just returned from her pilgrimage and would be doing a presentation during coffee hour. Guess that was a sign!

I’ve been planning it for about 5 years now. Maybe a little longer. I could do it physically finally, but now have “life” in the way. Some day it will be done.

It was “The Way” (the movie) that did it for me. Hit me at a time when I needed to do some rediscovery and it was the motivation I needed. Along the path of preparation the needed “who am I” got answered and now… I’m less driven. Still intend to do it, but no longer feel that I must.

Another fan of The Way. Perhaps we can organise a walk for Scrivener users…though I’m an atheist to the core.

That would be very cool! I don’t think one needs be religious to benefit from a pilgrimage, BTW – one can simply call it a real-life hero’s journey. :slight_smile:

I much prefer Buñuel’s interpretation of El Camino!!!



I agree. Every experience (whether a long walk, gazing at the stars, talking with strangers, etc) is a both a pilgrimage and a homage to life and living. An interesting ensemble—a man with a fine green plumage, a headless man, and a fat cherub. Wonder if we can convince others to join us on the road less travelled?