Update error - not a big issue at this time

When I go to the Scrivener menu and choose “check for updates” I get a dialog box that says, “Update Error! An error occurrred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.”

There is a “Cancel Update” button.

I realize there probably aren’t any updates yet, so that may be the problem.

The other problem, taking a wild guess, is that Scrivener 2 was from the App Store, whereas Scriv 3 was a direct purchase. Blame impetuous youth and the magnetic appeal of “shiny.”

Or, paraphrasing the estimable Alfred E., “What, me wait?”

No, there aren’t any Scrivener 3 updates yet.


Even if there are no updates yet, shouldn’t the dialog say something like, “You’re running the latest version,” a la Sparkle ?