Update Problems

I saw the reminder window when I open up Scrivener, say, "sure. install that update. I’ll pay it in a sec. It goes through the motions of downloading the update, tells me it’s going to install and reset. Scrivener closes, but doesn’t start up again. I open up scrivener again–it’s still version 1.54, and theres that window again, telling me I can update to 2.0 again. Well, I figure maybe I have to pay for the update before it will work. So I get the update. I’ve got the confirmation and everything. Same thing happens. I can’t even find the update it’s downloaded onto my computer. What is going on?

You need to download the new version from the main website as the updater from 1.54 doesn’t grab the updated copy for the install (rather it just gets 1.54 again and installs over itself, which is why you can’t find it). If you read a little further in the update notice it explains that, but basically just close 1.54, download 2.0 from the L&L site, and then install 2.0. You can have both versions simultaneously installed if you want; I’d recommend moving the older version to a folder entitled “Older Scrivener” or whatever, just to avoid confusion for the Services menu and for assigning keyboard shortcuts to the new one. Or you can drag 1.54 to the trash and be done with it. (You can always download it again from the Support page of L&L should you find you need it.)