Update Project warning prevents access to project

I recently created a new project on my iPad and opened it also on my Windows PC, At some point, the project file got into a state in which now, when I attempt to open it on PC, I get the attached prompt. “Update Project? The project you are trying to load uses an older file format, Would you like to update it? A copy of the old project will be saved in the same directory. Project Location: C:/Users/base2/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/Journal 2020.scriv”

I click OK and a new “Journal 2020 Backup.scriv” is created. But the modified file does not open. When I try to open it, I just get the same message again. And when I click OK, I just get yet another copy, but there is now no way that I am able to actually open my project for editing on the PC at all,

Version: Beta (818046) 64-bit - 28 Jan 2020

Do you still have 1.9 installed? If so you should be able to access an original version.

First try to copy and open the project outside the Dropbox folder. If the problem still persists, please upload an archived copy of the project folder, so that we can reproduce the issue.

When I moved the project outside of the Dropbox folder, it opened after the conversion. However, only the first three of many documents actually has content. This particular project is a journal / diary sort of thing, so I don’t feel comfortable sharing it. Is there some kind of troubleshooting tip you might provide as to what I should look at? I am technically proficient and can review the XML files and such if you just tell me what to look for.

One of the interesting side-effects that may be worth noting: I created many pages by copying and pasting from Microsoft OneNote. I did this on iPad. When I first pulled all the documents up on my PC, the fount in them all was set to Outline. I was able to turn Outline off on some, but not all of the documents for some reason. Just thought I’d mention this weird behavior.