Update titles in document links with prefix and suffix settings option set in the “Document Title Links” pane

It is likely that I’ve missed something that is plain to others, but I found a feature on Page 214 of the manual that I’d like to implement, but I cannot find what is described in the Scrivener manual within (I think is) Scrivener Preferences:

Specifically, I am looking for how to implement the Update titles in document links with prefix and suffix settings option set in the “Document Title Links” pane.

Apologies for the question, but where is the “Document Title Links” pane? When I search for “Document Title Links” in the user manual, the closest I get is the option to Update Document Links to Use Target Titles:

which is greyed out … what am I missing?

I realize that I may be a walking, talking oxymoron, as a visual person living and working in a world of literary figures. I have generally found, however, the Scrivener user manual, which has an extraordinary amount of wonderful literal detail, is sometimes lacking in graphical examples to describe what is referred in the numerous, wonderful literal examples throughout the user manual.

On a personal note: Scrivener is an outstanding application for people to write, hands down. There is, however, a wonderful irony that Scrivener brings to the software market as those of us who are less literarily inclined wade into a field we are otherwise less inclined to do, but for Scrivener.

The application is so powerful and useful that those of us that lean more toward the visual, as opposed to the literal, can sometimes find the user manual at a bit of a deficit when it comes to how to find things. I may me a population of one here, but that has been my experience with the Scrivener user manual to date.

As we move toward Scrivener 4.x, I apologize that I don’t have any specific suggestions to improve the user manual for the next version, except to suggest including someone who is more visually inclined on the team that works on and reviews the user manual.

If I am missing some tool or other aid to facilitate how I use the Scrivener user manual, I’m all ears (or eyes as the case may be).

Thank you for reading,

It is not in Scriv Preferences. The item you are looking for is to be found in the settings area of compile formats (for target formats for which it makes sense). Here, for example, you can see that setting in the standard Ebook compile format.

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