I understand that the problem with the delete key and the spaces between words has been fixed. Is there a plan to issue an update soon? Is there a downside to doing so? I only ask because it really does drive one crazy. I always assumed that the axiom ‘release early, release often’ was the way to go.


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“Release early, release often” is the antithesis of L&L’s practice, thank heavens. You must also bear in mind that Scrivener for iOS and Scrivener for MacOS are both programmed by Keith, one person, who is hard at it trying to get MacOS v.3—a major update—ready for beta-testing, as well as dealing with issues raised by major updates to both MacOS and iOS in the last two weeks.


Right. But this isn’t a feature request. This is a bug in Scrivener’s basic functionality: the inputting and editing of text. You don’t get more basic than that. Also, it’s already been fixed. Would be nice if the fix was pushed out.

And don’t be so quick to shrug off ‘release early, release often,’ especially in situations of small projects. Community input creates robustness, but that input is only effective when acted upon.


From the viewpoint of the one who does write code when doesn’t write fiction–there is rarely such thing as a simple “fix”, especially when it deals with core functionality. It is not a misspelled button label, it’s a bug which needed to be traced to the originating fault, corrected and thoroughly tested throughout the whole system for any so-to-say “side effects”. I would rather wait for it to be done right, then discover something else broken as a result of a “quick fix”.

Code is poetry.

Poetry is hard :slight_smile:

Thank you for saying as much. I am often astounded at the naïveté of users who have no concept of what is required to bring an app to life.

I believe there are some iOS 10-related issues/fixes also planned for the same update.

Releasing early and often has some real value for, say, web-based applications where the vendor only needs to update their own servers. It’s a lot more problematic when every new version has to go through the Apple vetting process and then (and only then) users have to remember to update their devices.