UPDATED: Imported comments chopped up into a million pieces

Haven’t run into this before while using Scrivener, but then I haven’t used Scrivener this early in my workflow. Here’s the problem, and for me (and, I imagine, others) it’s a big one:

After importing a document from Word, on my machine Scrivener renders all Word margin comments as inline annotations. I don’t know if that itself is an official bug, but for a document with a number of margin comments and a number of files it renders Import/Split impractical.

Anyway, that’s not the big problem. I imported this particular draft from Word without asking Scrivener to split it, and then selected Format->Convert->Inline Annotations to Inspector Comments. I went a bit bug-eyed at what happened next: Apparently, anywhere there was an end-of-line punctuation mark in a margin comment, Scrivener broke up the margin comment and created a new Inspector comment. The result was a proliferation of Inspector comments (I stopped counting somewhere in the 50s with well over half of the document to go).

I’m running 1.9.6. This happened with imports of .docx, .doc, and .rtf files. Import converters are set to MS Office for .docx and .doc files. I spent the day scouring the L&L site for answers and came up empty. I sincerely hope someone knows something I don’t, or did something I haven’t thought of. Thanks in advance.

Update: Here’s a workaround I stumbled on.

– Platforms are Scrivener 1.9.6 on Windows 10 and Scrivener on iPad and iPhone, both running iOS 9.3.4.

– The folder for the Scrivener project in question is stored in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener. The original draft file from Word is stored in a different folder in Dropbox.

  1. On my PC, I opened the Scrivener project and moved the imported file to Trash, selected Empty Trash and then exited Scrivener in Windows. Scrivener made a backup and then quit.

  2. When the Dropbox icon on my Windows taskbar gave the go-ahead, I opened Scrivener on my iPhone, synced and then opened the project folder, which was now empty of content.

  3. I selected the Import icon at the bottom of the app and imported the original draft file in .rtf format. Scrivener iOS downloaded it, and scrolling through the file I saw that all of the draft’s margin comments were intact.

  4. I synced the iOS app and re-opened the project in Windows. All of the draft’s margin comments showed as Inspector comments, and … All. Were. Intact.

  5. Cold drink, back to work.

  • In Scrivener iOS, I could only import the original draft file in .rtf format. The .doc version was greyed out, and Scrivener iOS would not import the .docx version. Each time I tried to import the .docx, the app “hid” (it didn’t crash, exactly. I double-tapped the home button and Scrivener was still there and I could still return to it as normal. I quit the app, rebooted the device, and deleted/reinstalled the app, to no avail. This occurred on both the iPhone and iPad.)

Anyway, hopefully this will help another user who has this issue and searches the site for answers.

I am also having this problem, and it’s making me reconsider Scrivener as it greatly hinders my ability to work with my editor. The above workaround is not viable for me as I have no iOS device. Is there any other way to get comments to import to the inspector comment area rather than being turn into inline comments?