Updated version 1.9.8 for Windows

Hello all,

We have updated the 1.9.8 release to fix a critical issue of Scrivener lagging significantly during startup or freezing on some systems, having to do with the font detection to prevent corrupt fonts from repeatedly crashing Scrivener. This update also fixes a bug whereby items could not be promoted (moved left) in the binder using the Move menu command or shortcut.

The updated version of 1.9.8 replaces the original 12 June installer available from our website and will have a version date of 15 June 2018. (You may need to clear your browser cache or use a different browser to ensure you get the new version if re-downloading.) If you are running 1.9.7, you can update to the new 1.9.8 using Help > Check for Updates.

Thanks to everyone who helped us track down and resolve the problem!

All the best,