Updateing highlight position when first character is remove

I’m still on 1.2.5 for linux, (which I’m running on 64bit ubuntu/mint) so maybe this bug has been fixed, but I just noticed it and won’t have time to upgrade for a while so I thought I’d report it now. as is, I’ll check it on the new version later and reply again here.

This seems to be a display issue with the editor.
This appears not to be a stabability issue.
This issue appears not to be destructive of any data.

When there is a highlighted region such as an inline anotation, or a word flagged because you have a search/filter selection active. If you edit anywhere in the paragraph the highlight is updated to reflect the new positions of the characters that should be highlighted, EXCEPT when the very first character of the paragraph is removed, either with backspace or delete, in which case somewhere under the hood, scrivener remembers which characters are supposed to be highlighted, but it seems to neglect to tell the editor to properly desplay the change.

Meaning that the character count of the begining and ending position of the highlight stays the same, (even though the characters have moved out of those possitions)

The part of the routine that draws the highlight correctly updates the to pixels that propperly line up between characters, they just happen to line up with the wrong characters.

Steps to re-create the bug:
a) go to scrivener with a big enough piece of text, (copy and paste this?)
b) optional: it’s cooler to watch with a non-fixed width font.
c) add “the” or something similarly common in the filter search bar.
highlight something in the middle of a paragraph and turn it into an inline anotation (ctrl+shift+a)
d) go to the begining of the paragraph and press spacebar, then back space repeatedly
go to the begining of the paragraph and press delete repeatedly.
e) watch the highlighting try to stay still while the characters slide under them.

I can confirm this bug is also present in 1.2.6 on 32bit Linux.