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Now; when you install scrivener for windows as a guest, you have an issue.

You cannot run the installer as a guest.
I never run my computer as an administrator.
Running the installer as a guest results in an error.

Running the installer as Administrator ( XP Sp-pk 3 and Win 7 ) Works:
… And the Programmes is installed inside your.
C:\Documents and Settings[guest - login - name]\My Documents\Scrivener


But when it come to upgrading, inside Scrivener: It wont : At all.

Work round.

Right click on ‘Scrivener’ from the desktop, or wherever you keep it:
Select [‘RUN AS] - And Run it as an Administrator’ - do this from your normal ‘Guest Login’.

Scrivener will prompt you to Register Again?? - I don’t quite understand why?
… But it does!
Fill in the registration ie: fill your name and put the serial number as you did when you originally installed it.

Now inside Scrivener : Open a ‘Blank Project.’
NOW : Run the Updater - the Installer will run, and your Guest Scrivener Programme will be updated.

All this is due to the fact that Guest’s can’t run the installer programme in the first place.
It can be done. Mozilla Firefox : Will allow it! - So why can’t it be done with Scrivener?

This [is/has] been causing me some issues, but I’ve finally updated from 1.2 -> 1.5

  • Without un-installing and installing a fresh copy again.

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I’m a little confused about why you’re trying to install from a Guest account at all? The Guest account is intended to be a temporary account, specifically to allow users without an account to use the computer without being able to access your files or install or change software and hardware.

You can install Scrivener from a standard, non-administrator account, however; it will install to the user Documents directory by default, rather than to Program Files (since that directory typically requires administrator privileges to write to). You’ll be able to run the auto-updater from the standard account as well.