Updates to this Windows beta?

Is there a nightly build of Scrivener? If so, how do I get it?


I do not think it’s lightly, but keep checking the board. Updates will have a link to an .exe file to download.

Thanks. I’ve had this pretty buggy beta since the Windows announcement. Has it been updated?


There have been a couple of hotfix updates released. Lee tries to post a progress update every day to keep us users informed. Sometimes the update also includes a hotfix to Scrivener. Check the Bug Hunt board every day to keep up with Lee’s posts.

I think the Oct. 29th update is the latest hotfix. Thread here: literatureandlatte.com/forum/vie … =32&t=9100

Just download the Scrivener.exe file from that post, and replace your existing Scrivener.exe with it. This is not a full installation file; you have to go to the folder where Scrivener installed (typically c:\program files\Scrivener) and replace that one file. (Personally, I always rename the old file to something like Scrivener.exe.old rather than deleting it, just in case the new hotfix file crashes or causes problems. It’s easy to restore the old, presumably working, copy that way.)

Fantastic. I used this app when I used to use a Mac and it was pretty awesome code. Now that I can reacquaint myself with it on Windows 7, I’m looking forward to something even better. Thanks for the directions.