Updating copied links

I searched the DB for the answer to this, but don’t believe I’ve found the exact issue I face.

I have two projects. I want to copy DOC A from Project 1 into Project2. I would like to be able to add to EITHER document in either project and have the document in the other project update so they always remain in sync.

Is this possible, without using an outside product such as Devon Think or something else?

Thanks in advance


There isn’t a way of sharing a single binder item between multiple projects, but you can have all projects using one central file on your disk as a common source, in a way that will be populated when you compile. The details of this method are described in the user manual under §10.1.5, Including Text From Other Documents. The technique of using an RTF or TXT file on the disk is described toward the bottom of page 212. This will be a useful technique for common copyright pages, “About the Author” type stuff, and so forth.

Also note the following section on External Links. While you can’t host the same file in the binder, you can have one central copy that other projects refer to in the sense that when you load the link it will load the project it came from and display it.