Updating Script Writing Changes

So I’m at my wits end on how to do this. I have about 2000 words of a 10 minute play down. I’d like to change the script settings so that (among other things) the dialogue isn’t indented at all. When I open up the script writing dialogue my changes are there, however inside the UI and on compile nothing changes.

I have also tried copy and pasting from a page with the old file into the new, however pasting brings the old formatting into the new. Is there a way to get this thing to update that doesn’t involve rewriting the whole thing?

There’s not a way at present to convert existing text to updated script settings; these are just like formatting presets, not dynamic styles, so you’ll need to go back through the dialog and reset it as the (updated) “Dialog” element. Click into the dialog text and then choose “Dialog” from the menu in the footer (or use the shortcuts Ctrl+\ to bring up the menu and then the shortcut letter for the element, probably D).