Updating to new version

I’m still using 1.9.7 for Windows, and I’m happy with it. I’d like to try 3.1.5, but my question is this: If I download and install the trial version, will it overwrite my 1.9.7? Will I be able to return seamlessly to 1.9.7 if I decide not to purchase 3.1.5?

Also, if I’m trying out 3.1.5 and save a project, will I later be able to open that project in 1.9.7 if I decide not to upgrade?



When opening a project in V3, it’ll make a copy of the V1 compatible version.

Not that version, no. But the one I mentioned above, no problem.

If you did valuable progress in the V3, there is also an option to export what can be in the V1 format.

My advice would be to install V3, and before anything else, play with it for a good while, using the tutorial project that comes with it as your guinea pig.
See if it suits you before going all in with your current WIP.

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Another suggestion. Make and confirm there is/are backup/s for the old version and make a copy of the old version to “play” with. Keep the active “old” version backed up and pristine from change. Or am I over-looking something?

Both versions can be installed simultaneously, there is even a little guide on this in the v3, manual, under §3.2.1, Running Multiple Versions. So feel free to experiment for the duration of the demo, while continuing to work in the older version if you prefer. When you’re ready to make the jump, you can upgrade your project easily. Playing with the tutorial is an excellent idea in the meanwhile. Another good project to play with is the migration tutorial, made specifically for those coming from v1. It is a v1 project, so the very first step is learning how the upgrade process works on something safe. Then it walks you through the major changes, showing what might have gone where.

If you ultimately want to stick with the older version, you aren’t stuck if you did upgrade a working project. You can use the File ▸ Export ▸ as Scrivener v1... to downgrade the project.