Updating to Version 1.5.7

What is the normal procedure for updating the latest Scrivener version to my desktop. I have the software on both laptop and desktop. I use the laptop most often to write. Scrivener successfully automate and upgrade my laptop to the latest version.

For desktop, however, I must click on the “Check for Update” button and end up with error message below.

Check for Updates

Socket operation timed out


What is the best procedure for updating the second machine? Should I update by downloading the Trail version and the letting the system detect my Serial No? I also synch with Dropbox.

My desktop:
OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1
64 bit

I just updated on both my computers. No problem there, same win7 pro sp1 x64.

When you say you say dropbox, you are just talking about the project-files and not the program itself?
Because having the program itself inside dropbox can spell trouble…

The connectionerror you are gettincan be described like this:
“A socket timeout is a designated amount of time from when the socket connects until the connection breaks. Many users believe the timeout itself is a problem, but the timeout is actually made to keep further problems from manifesting. The amount of time between the connection and the timeout is set by programmers of the software or operating system (OS). Without a timeout command, the socket will continue to attempt the connection indefinitely.”
So, is it possible you are running a overprotective virusscanner / web"protector" on this machine?

Yeah, the message just means Scrivener’s not able to download the update from within the program. You can just download the installer manually from the trial page of the website and install it yourself. Your registration information and so on should be remembered, so the main thing is that if you uninstall first, you may want to save your settings from Options by choosing “Save Preferences” from the Manage button menu there. Then after you reinstall you can load them again from the same menu. If you’re just installing over top of the current installation (which should be fine, really) then your options settings will all be remembered.