Upgrade complexity

I am very interested in becoming a user but, when reading the manual it seems the upgrade/update process could get very complex if an error occurs. Has this been anyones experience?




I don’t actually understand what you mean by “upgrade/update” in the context of you being new to the software, but know that you can try Scrivener without any limitation for 30 non consecutive days. The trial is on the website.
This way you could find out whether it suits you or not.

Else, there are issues from time to time (all softwares have them), but none that ever proved unsolvable.

For my personal experience, the only time I had an issue after an upgrade, it wasn’t even Scrivener’s fault. It was my antivirus that decided it didn’t like Scrivener. After setting an exception for it in AVG, all was fine.


Thank you Vincent for your reply. That really helps reassure me.


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