Upgrade from Scrivener 1 to Scrivener 3 error

I purchased Scrivener 1 in 2020. Recently I tried upgrading to version 3, which seemed to work. I was offered a free upgrade. The upgrade process started but the program stopped working and I had to restart it. After restarting, it now says that I already have a license and it won’t let me continue to upgrade until I input that license.

The problem is that I was never actually given the license. It wasn’t shown during the upgrade process. It wasn’t emailed to me. And when I try to do a license recovery, it doesn’t show up at all. (I can only see the original licenses that I purchased.) So now I’m blocked from upgrading because a license exists that I cannot access.

I attempted to contact support twice about this issue. The first time I got no response at all (over a month ago). The second time, I got mailer-demon error telling me my email couldn’t be sent. I sent the report request from this websites ‘Contact Us’ page (Contact Us | Literature and Latte).

At this point I don’t know what to do.

Just to add: I did check my spam folder. I also did a search in my email using the keyword “Scrivener”. There are no emails that I might have missed about this issue.

I’m sorry you’ve had trouble contacting support. We have had some issues with the contact form from the website, so direct email to the addresses linked on that page is the best option if your request from the form got bounced.

Regarding the upgrade, the only license you should need as part of the upgrade process itself is your old one, that is, the version 1 license. If you have Scrivener 1 currently installed and registered, Scrivener tries to pull that information automatically from the registry, but if it can’t, the field is there for you to enter it manually. Then that license is checked to provide the discount coupon, which in your case should be for 100% off. That’s then applied when you go through the purchase process to buy the version 3 license through the in-app store, or you can use it purchasing on the web store.

So I guess I’m confused as to what you’re seeing that would be requiring you to enter the version 3 license at this stage. If it doesn’t sound like what I described above, could you share a screenshot of the message?

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Thank you for replying.

I tried uploading a screenshot but the website won’t let me. From the “Scrivener Trial” popup on opening Scrivener 3, if I click the “Upgrading from an older version?” link, I get the following popup:

Check for Upgrade

This license has already been upgraded.

A coupon starting with “[a partial code is shown here]…” for Scrivener 3 has already been generated with this license code: “[my v1 license code is shown here]”

I realized upon re-reading that message that I was partially mistaken. I thought I was given a v3 license, when in fact I was given a v3 coupon code (for 100% off on the upgrade). However, as you can see, it says “a code starting with.” It doesn’t provide me with the full coupon code.

And, unfortunately, it’s not applying that code for me either. The [Buy Now] option still shows “59.99 USD” and the purchase page, where I can enter a coupon code, does not accept the partial code in the popup shown above.

Ah, okay. Normally the coupon code should show in the trial dialogue, where the Buy Now option is, and you’d be able to copy that or have it otherwise apply when going through the in-app store. Could you either email sales@literatureandlatte.com or send me a PM and let us know the name and email used for the original license and upgrade? The version 1 license number itself and the start of the missing coupon code would be helpful too, as you have it. Then I’ll see what we can do about retrieving the coupon or issuing a new one.

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Hi MimeticMouton, thanks again for the reply.

I’ve sent an email to that address you’ve linked because I’m not yet able to send PMs on these forums.

Thank you very much for your help. Hopefully this can all be resolved soon.

Just wanted to provide an update: I received an email reply with a new coupon code and was able to upgrade without issue. Thanks again, MimeticMouton for your assistance. I appreciate the fast replies.

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