Upgrade Issues: Trial-to-Paid

I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener for Windows during NaNoWriMo, which gave me all of November and a week into December to use the program for free. I am now trying to upgrade to the paid version following all instructions. I bought it tonight but when I open the program, instead of getting the option to input my receipt code (as I was getting before) I’m getting the message that my trial has expired, and no option to put in my code. It simply forces me to close the program, with no chance to access my writing and no opportunity to prove my upgrade.
Because of where I am this Christmas, it wont be possible for me to download any programs for at least two weeks; I was under the impression that I’d be able to easily upgrade my program with the code and get back to writing, and I’m very frustrated that I may not be able to write or access my work when part of my plan on this trip was to write.
Is there some way to fix this? Can I reset it to ask for a code again somehow? Am I screwed if I can’t get the download?
Thank you in advance.

Try setting your clock back to November 1. Maybe that will fool Scrivener into thinking that you are still working in the trial window, and will give you the opportunity to input the license. If it loads up but doesn’t prompt you to input your info, I think there’s a menu item under Help for doing so…?

Good luck!

Setting my clock back seems to have no affect. I looked for the help menu last night after having read that advice somewhere else, but the different menus are grayed out, unselectable. That’s what’s so frustrating :frowning:

To Briar Kit’s PM-
None of the buttons or links are accessable, they’re grayed out because of the popup “expired” message (which closes Scrivener when I close it of course). This does include the Help menu. Starting the program without opening my project sounds like it would work, but when I open Scrivener my project automatically opens my current work. I believe the menu to set it differently is only accessable from one I can’t currently reach, and I cant find any guide that explains another way to do it.
Thank you for replying. I know Mac and Windows versions are different, but does anyone happen to know a way to change that setting?

I downloaded Scrivener months ago and so unfortunately no longer have the zipped folder.

Yeah, I can understand your frustration. I’d be frustrated too if I was stuck like you are…

I wonder if the pop-up window got moved off screen somehow, so that you can’t see it anymore, but it’s still ‘there’? This happens a lot with laptops hooked up to large external monitors and then disconnected. Maybe the same glitch in Windows is affecting you (even if you don’t use differently sized displays)… There are tricks to “gather” windows that are off-screen, depending on which version of the OS you have on that computer. Try googling “gather windows” or “off-screen windows” to see if that can help you.

If rdale is correct about your problem, you should be able to Alt-Tab from one open window to another. When you tab to one that doesn’t appear on the screen, use Cmd-Arrow keys to try moving it around. Cmd-Shift-Arrows move from one monitor to another.

I’ve gotten my program to work, but not by fixing it. I uninstalled my copy and reinstalled the trial version from a zipdrive my kind friend brought me when she joined us today. It prompted me with the usual alert and i entered my serial.
Thanks to everyone for the advice anyways!

Glad you were able to get everything working! The NaNoWriMo trial is on a dated expiration and can’t be registered; it’s necessary to install the regular version, as you ultimately were able to do thanks to your kind friend. This was mentioned on the NaNo special offer page but was overlooked in the trial’s splash screen. I’m sorry for the confusion and the poor introduction it gave you to working with Scrivener. I’ve already made a note to get that in there next year so no one else ends up in your position after November’s over!

Thanks for supporting Scrivener, and happy new year!