Upgrade to 1.52 leaves behind corrupted copy of Scrivener

A day or two ago I upgraded to 1.52 via Sparkle (which as far as I can remember seemed to work seamlessly), did some work, and then closed Scrivener. When I went today to the Finder to open the Scrivener project I’m working on, I noticed that my project had a blank rectangle for an icon. When I double-clicked on it, it gave me the “You’re launching this application for the first time” dialog box, with a button to reveal it in the Finder. Upon doing so, I found a corrupted, 3.2Mb copy of Scrivener in a temp folder inside /private/var, along with “Scrivener_1.52.zip”. I assume Sparkle has accidentally left behind the files from an aborted download/unarchive process, confusing my Mac’s file associations.

Anyway, I opened my copy of Scrivener in /Applications, and at the instant it authenticated my serial via eSellerate, my project’s icon returned to normal and its association with /Applications/Scrivener.app returned.

All is now fine, but I’m thinking that something about this kind of Sparkle failure, rather than the incompatible eSellerate engine problem, might also explain the misbehaving copies of 1.52 that some people have reported.

This is most likely caused by a permissions problem, in which Sparkle was unable to delete any temporary files from the temp directory because the permissions on your computer didn’t allow it (I double checked my own temp folder and Sparkle has deleted everything it should do). That said, there is an updated version of Sparkle around which I will be incorporating for 2.0 - I just haven’t had time to do it for 1.x, as the way it is included and incorporated has changed somewhat.
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