Upgraded to 2.0 in November - suddenly nothing works

Am being told that my trial version has expired and I need to upgrade - even though I upgraded in November and have been using it ever since - up to a couple of days ago. Finding my projects using the .scriv search in spotlight I am either told “No project could be found at specified path” or asked to upgrade licence.

When entering in the exact details I was given when I first upgraded I am told that these are invalid (maybe because I already upgraded?).

Am panicking as was planning a whole days work today. Can anyone help?

Please e-mail sales@literatureandlatte.com so that David can look up your serial number and re-send it to you (or check your e-mail for November to look for the 2.0 licence you would have been sent back then after you purchased). It’s a good idea to keep this safe as obviously you will need it if you ever move to another computer. Talking of which, have you moved to another computer or wiped your current one by reinstalling OS X at any point? When did you last use Scrivener?

All the best,