upgraded to 2.0 & lost my manuscript :(

I’m sure this is a user faulted issue, because I’m not the most tech savvy person around… But I upgraded scrivener, and now I can’t find the manuscript I was working on. If it’s saved somewhere on my macbook, in a folder or something (as one friend told me to look for) I have no clue where it is.

Help! :cry:

Don’t panic.

open spotlight (cmd-sapce)
type .scriv in the text box
look for your file in the results

Let us know if that gets it for you or not.

I’d JUST found it in a kinda random folder before reading your response, but I did as you suggested anyway and definitely would have found it that way too.

Thank you!!!

wipes sweat from brow

Only because you claimed to be “not the most tech savvy person around” let me tell you 2 most important rules of computer use/support.

I’ve been doing this awhile and while there is no empirical evidence to support this, I find that
• 90% of the issues are easy to fix.
• 9% of the issue are fixable but a little tougher.
• 1% of the issues are fatal (to the system/data, not you).

So have fun. But don’t panic if something seems to go wrong.