Upgraded to Scrivener 3.0 and no success


I eagerly upgraded to Scrivener 3.0 with the intention of starting a new novel this weekend. However, the software freezes to a blank page when it opens. Older projects are asked to update to newer version but then open to blank pages.

Please see attached for a screen capture.

I hope I can fix it in time to write this weekend! Thanks, Paul

I have had the same issue. Thanks for your help.

To paulmaherjr

Some ideas:

  1. Quit and restart S3.

  2. Reboot Mac and restart S3.

  3. Reboot Mac in Safe Mode and restart S3. support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201262

  4. Uninstall S3, download a new copy of S3, install the new copy of S3, and try again.


The icons on most of your files are blank/plain white, indicating that they do not contain any text. Files that have text show icons with lines, such as your Characters > PCs > Tess Hartmann file.

If you click on the File menu, hold down the Option key, and then select Save and Rebuild Search Indexes, does anything change?

As above, I would try restarting S3 and, if that fails, rebooting the Mac and then restarting S3.

If the project started life in S2 and has just been converted by S3, S3 will have made a backup of the old S2 project somewhere on your hard drive. You could try opening that backup version in S3 (duplicate it first to have an additional fallback option) to see if a new conversion by S3 brings back the missing words.

You could also try opening the S2 version of the file in S2 (if you still have it on your system) to check its integrity. If you no longer have S2, you can download a copy from: literatureandlatte.com/legacy-download