Upload document error

So I screwed up somehow. I learned about revision mode today. So I upload my current WIP to Scrivener so I can revise it. Problem is, it uploaded to anoother curent unrelated Scrivener project and is nowhere in the binder for me to scrap it. It shows up in search though. I’m able to edit it which was the whole goal to begin with, but no clue how to get it from wherever it is to a word doc when it’s time to send back to my editor.

When in the Edit phase, the best advise is to keep the edited text in Word and send that document back to your editor.

As for Revision mosde, it’s a function that colors your text according to the phase your in, but it’s not coupled with the State of your Project.

Imported in the correct project, apart from your text only Comments from your editor would remain, so you’d have to decide on Tracked Changes before importing.

In Scrivener, a Reveal in Binder function is available in the context menu of a found document in the Editor titelbar, when you click on its icon.

Hope this helps

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Thank you for this. I’ll work on revising in word. I just thought. having the color change would be easier on my editor so she can visually see the changes I made. They’d stand out more or something. I don’t know. I dont understand your last sentence or two of. the reveal in binder function. I don’t understand that I’m trying to look at my scrivener and I’m not seeing what you’re saying.

When you’ve found a document,
there’s an icon in the titlebar of the Editor
and when you click that icon
a contextual menu appears
that has the option to Reveal in Binder.

Scrivener shows you where the Document recides in the TreeView in the left-hand column of the Scrivener User Interface.


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So I’ve found it. Apparently, it got added to my “scene 14” card under manuscript. I’ve deleted it and I’ll just start over in Word. I hadn’t made that many corrections. Thank you for your help.

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