Uploading Epub to Nook Press


Is it just me or does anyone else have problems uploading their manuscript into the editor at NOOK press? I think the epub formatting is fine. It looks great in my nook apps for both android tablets and phone. Plus it looks perfect on my Nook for Mac. I even had the file verified on their EPUB Verifier and there were no problems found. Yay for Scrivener!!!

So why is it, when I try and upload my book to the site, it always comes back with “Unable to load…” It says there is an Unknown Error. (so helpful) I’ve used both Safari and Chrome to try with the same results.

I’m told I can go ahead and publish, but I’m so anal about stuff, I’m leery of putting something up without previewing it on their site.

Can anyone help? Am I doing something wrong or is it on their end?

Thanks in advance!

It would probably be easier to contact them about it and see if they have any better logs or error feedback than the generic message you got. Like you say, the book appears to be fine everywhere else, so it’s hard to troubleshoot from our end what might be tripping it up.

I already have. I was more curious to find out if it were a common problem or just little old me. :unamused: Thanks.

I have definitely heard of formatting issues with the web site previewer. Whatever generates that isn’t the same technology they use on the Nook devices and software. I’ve never heard of outright failure like that however. If you find out more, please let us know, it could be something that can be fixed from our end.

Will do. IF they ever get back to me. sigh