URLs inside Notes do not always open when clicked

I updated to Win 10 four days ago and I began to use Scrapple today. I include URLs in all of my Notes and I noticed that when I click to open the action is not always successful – some web pages popo up in an instant, others never appear. Any ideas about how to correct this will be appreciated. Thank you!

In Windows 10, Edge becomes your default browser unless you tell Windows otherwise during the install. However, IE is still on the system (as well as any other third-party browsers that you installed).

Have you tried changing the default browser, restarting Scrivener, and see if the problem goes away with the new browser? That should help you track down where the problem is.

Also, what compatibility mode do you have Scrivener set to? I have played with them and found that Windows 7 produces the best results for me.

Thank you so much! I will change the default browser! As for Scrivener compatibility, I have no idea how to tweak that…

It worked with the browser! Chrome is now my default and the problem has been solved. Thanks again!