URL's of imported pages in the inspector

Keith et al.,

First, congratulations. Scriv 2 is terrific and rock-solid. Well worth the wait, and a total steal at the upgrade price.

With the HTML-copy features (which I am proud to say I had a hand in suggesting) I am now using Scriv for blogging, and I’ve found myself wishing the following:

It would be lovely if, when a web page is imported, its URL was automatically entered into the document links section of the inspector (or recorded in some other copy-able way).

Here is why: When blogging I want to make links. And, while the Import Web Page feature does record the source URL of a webpage, said URL appears at the bottom of the window in such a way as to be neither movable nor copyable. Hence, if I want my writing to contain a link to a webpage I imported, I have to click on the URL, reload the page in a browser, recopy the URL there, and paste that back into Scrivener text. After 5-6 links, it seems a long trip.

If I had the URL in the Inspector, I could simply copy it from there, not having to leave Scrivener, which would save time and potential hiccups.

Hope this makes sense and finds favor.

All the best,


I second this suggestion. Very useful, especially a year or two down the road when you have no idea where exactly you got what you got. Also very important when writing papers, etc. and you want the exact url data.