Use checkbox symbol for bullet points?

If this is already possible, I’d appreciate learning how to do it. :slight_smile: What I’m trying to do is format a section of text with bullet points, but I’d like the bullets to be checkboxes. This is for a document I print and want to check off sections as I talk through them, because sometimes I need to jump around and I like to see what I haven’t covered yet. (It’s for roleplaying game adventures.)

I understand if this amount of formatting is beyond Scrivener’s purview. It’s just that I used to do this in Word, and so far it’s the only thing I could do in Word that I can’t do in Scrivener (and do even better).

Well, you can make a custom list and type in your own symbol here (peruse the full character sheet in Edit/Special Characters, there are numerous Unicode characters that would work well). However this is a little cumbersome to do on a regular basis. The empty circle would work, no? Just remember to use a #2 pencil and completely fill in the oval. :wink:

Thanks, Amber. It’ll probably come down to that. I’ll be careful not to go outside the lines! :slight_smile: