Use 'Find by Formatting' to locate text with no style .

Is this possible?

One can find all styles, but maybe not ‘no style’, which is I guess not a style.

But that would be handy. If you compile As-Is text and miss adding a style to a line of text, it comes out really wonky looking in a mobi, and such lines are often invisible in the Scrivener editor, so are hard to spot.

So this would be a great addition to Scrivener. Until then, are there workarounds I could try?

Most of the text in your manuscript should typically not be styled. We recommend assigning styles only to block quotes, headers, and other “special” text. There is no Scrivener equivalent of Word’s “Normal” style.

For that reason, searching for text with “no style” should find most of your manuscript and will not be terribly helpful.

So the solution if you are compiling As-Is is to set the default text formatting the way you like it.


PS Incidentally, styles are not changed by the compiler unless you explicitly redefine the style in the Compile format. So compiling styled text “As-Is” is somewhat redundant.