Use of GoogleDrive / OneDrive to share Scrivener projects

In Feb 13, 2011 there was an excellent post about using scrivener projects on two computers using Dropbox to share the project files. Is this advice still current and would the same technique work with GoogleDrive or OneDrive from Microsoft? or is it only applicable to Dropbox?

Refer to the articles in the Knowledge Base in the Support System: … veskydrive … e-advisory

Answer, Google Drive not a good idea, except for storing zipped back-ups. Dropbox works well, as does Cubby in my experience. Either of them can co-exist with Google Drive and, I presume One Drive.

I have Dropbox, Cubby and iCloud Drive installed on all my devices and have not suffered any problems. I use Dropbox and Cubby to share projects, and iCloud Drive for zipped backups—like Google Drive it doesn’t handle active Scrivener projects.


thank you xiamenesme, that is a very clear and helpfull answer. I shall do as you suggest and use dropbox as the vehicle for sharing the project and the iCloud drive or GoogleDrive for the zipped backups.

Great. Glad to have helped. Just remember at each iteration of working on the project, close it down when you’ve finished and allow Dropbox to sync fully on the server before shutting down that computer or putting it to sleep. Then on the other, when you boot/wake it up, again, allow Dropbox to sync fully before opening the project.

Scrivener won’t allow you to have the project open on 2 computers at the same time—iOS version excepted for technical reasons on iOS—but if you haven’t allowed Dropbox to sync fully as above, you’ll end up with conflicts that you’ll have to sort out.



I have an Applescript which automatically starts dropbox and my VPN, and closes Scrivener and Bookends, then locks the computer. I gave it an “Leave Computer” icon and run it via Quicksilver (⌘space > le > return) when I leave my machine. This ensures Scrivener and Bookends both sync their changes and are not running when I leave.

tell application "12vpn" to activate
tell application "Dropbox" to activate
tell application "Scrivener" to quit
tell application "Bookends" to quit
delay 10
do shell script "/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu\\ Extras/ -suspend"