Use Scapple as an interface for Scrivener. For teachers.

Here is the problem.

I use google applications for education.

I want a way to show potential employers what I do ( down to a daily basis).

I want to share my units and lesson plans with other teachers.

I want to own all my data and be able to use it for a long time without moving it.

I want to be able to understand and refine a large amount of data.

(I am a writer and I have used Scrivener).

I like the modular feel of Scapple. (Like freemind)

But I want to use both together. Scapple being the interface, Scrivener being the back end (relational data base).

Is this possible?


There’s a few resources on-line although I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to do:

Import/Export between Scrivener & Scapple: … r-scapple/

Importing Mindmaps and Inserting Images:

OPML or Scapple and Scrivener 3:

I tried importing a Scapple mindmap to Scrivener and on to Word the other day. I don’t think the import is very sophisticated so it strikes me that simple maps lacking complicated crossovers will work better. I ended up with a jumble that took time to sort out.

There may be some way of formatting the mindmap so that first, second, third levels (etc) are more easily identifiable.


Thanks Step_p for your response.

I was thinking that scapple could link to scrivener and be an active UI.

Another thought would be to use scapple more like an interface for google drive.
So I could link all my files together and access them by looking at the overall mind-map.

A friend told me about The Brain software, which does this. I tried it for a few days but
the price is too high and the general logic of it doesn’t work as well as scapple imo.