User-Created Template Sheets won't show up in new projects

Hi all,

Had a question about template sheets. I find when I create my own, label them, etc. they never show up in new projects. For instance, in one project, I created for myself an item sketch template based off of the Scrivener setting sketch and I keep it in the template sheets folder, with its own color and everything; however, if I make a new project it doesn’t show up, I would either have to drag it over from the project where I first made it or make it all over again. Is there something I can do to make it permanent, the way setting and character are? I read the manual and faq, but I may have missed something. Thanks for any help.

What are you using to create the new projects? The project templates always start from scratch, whatever they were configured with when they were made (either by you or us), so if you wish to change the starting defaults for a project, you need to make a project template from the File menu. It’s easiest to create a temporary project just to make the template. Get everything set up the way you want with template sheets and such, and then use the File/Save as Template... menu command to add it to the new project template list.

Oh, I see. That makes sense about it always starting from scratch. I always use the ‘fiction->novel’ project template to start, so I’ll just customise and duplicate that, then? That works! Thanks for the help.

Yup! That’s the idea. Just think of a template as a “frozen” project. Anything and everything you can do in a project will be in the template, all the way down to the shape of the window and whether or not index cards have status stamps turned on, to what stamps are available and what keywords are set up in the master list, to how the project will compile.