User Ignorance Corkboard Problem

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’m dabbling about trying to learn Scrivener this morning–loving it. However, I was in the Corkboard and clicked ‘group’ or something and all my little cards are gone. I still see the synopsis card to the right in the scrivening mode but they no longer show up on the Corkboard. I went to ungroup or group–reverse what I thought I did( I was merely looking around lol) and it’s not an option, all greyed out. No cards no matter what file I’m in…


You mean the “View->Go to->Enclosing Group” menu item? All that does is to go to the “parent” folder of the one you started at. If you want to return to the folder you were looking at before, just click on that folder in the binder.

Have you started the Interactive Tutorial? I think that will help you get your feet under you faster than just about any other method; It’s located in the Getting Started section of the template chooser, or under Help when you have a project open in Scrivener.