User interface [jumping to previously edited spot]

Hi All - new user looking for some help re: the next/last document function.

When I click the show next or last document, it works, but it does not take me back to the place I was within the document and instead seems to take me to the top of the document all the time.

How can I change this? If the document is quite long and I’m toggling between it and another, I don’t want to always have to re-find my place in the previous document if you know what I mean.

Help much appreciated!


Hi Phd. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

When that happens, click once on the scrollbar handle (not in the text), then use Ctrl+J.
(Easy to remember: “J” as in “Jump”.)
That’ll take you back to where you left the cursor or selection.

Thanks very much Vincent for the speedy reply - will give that a try…

Very best


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Bear in mind that if you are navigating between multiple documents, with them all being displayed together in Scrivenings mode, then it does not save your cursor position (there is nowhere to save it since the session isn’t a thing that is saved in the project, but rather just a circumstance of how you view some things).

The one exception is if you use the history buttons, on the other side of the editor header bar, to jump between sessions. If you’re just bouncing back and forth between a few then it makes more sense to use that than adding to the history with new navigation events.

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Thanks Amber, will try as you suggest


Good afternoon. When I go to a text from another text within the same project I need to go to the last position I left it in, but the program takes me to the beginning of it. Could anyone help me, please.2023-04-02T03:00:00Z

Another thing to keep in mind is that Scrivener saves the selection/cursor position, not the scroll position. The latter is more common in a broad sense, but that is because reading oriented tools are more common than editing tools that remember your place. Most editing tools that remember your place use the cursor for that.

Good afternoon Amber V. When I place the cursor in a place of the text and I go to consult another text, in the binder, in the same project when I return to the first text it appears from the beginning, not from the place where I left it with the cursor.

Are you clicking on individual text icons in the binder, or groups/folders? If it is folders, then this is expected, as described above. If it is text items there is some bug there, but I don’t know how to see it. I would first try and see if it happens in all projects. Try with the tutorial, in the Help menu, if you don’t have another project with stuff in it already to test with.

Thank you very much Amber V. It’s like Vincent_Vincent says, only I pressed the scroll bar, that’s why it didn’t work, it was inside the unwritten area.